Site Rules: Anime Stories (Fanfic)Edit

Since these rules are for stories, they have their own set of rules (some of which might be the same). There are two different sets of rules for this part. Standard Rules. Insta-Ban Rules.

Standard Rules:Edit

  1. Use proper spelling and grammar.
  2. Make sure it's at least four paragraphs long.
  3. Keep the I letter capitalised.
  4. All cap names are not allowed and will be renamed.
  5. Stories must be in the right place!
  6. No shear stupidy! (Making a human character (Like Kyoko Hasegawa from Katekyo Hitman Reborn) into a fighter / flying robot. They must make some sense)
  7. Collab stories are allowed, but must be signed or mention both writers.
  8. No sex-related information.
  9. No pornographic pictures in or linked in the story.
  10. No wall of texts.

Insta-Ban Rules:​Edit

  1. No stealing a story / idea. 
  2. No stories bashing ones race, beliefs, gender, age or anything.
  3. No changing anothers story withour permission! (Editing the corrections is okay)